people who have more

March 24, 2013

In Sunday’s Toronto Star there is a feature on Paul Godfrey, ex city councillor, CEO, etc. I have grown up with Paul Godfrey. He’s been a headliner. A nose for the front pages. Always leading with his chin.

Mr. Godfrey says that he has always admired ‘risk takers’. (Like Rockefeller, Al Capone, Lenin.) You hear this from people in business. Mr. Godrey does not mean risk takers in the arts. (My kid could draw that.) No. He means risk takers in business. People with vision, as he calls it.

Its a lie. What Mr. Godfrey means is that he admires people who are successful. People do not admire risk takers who fail. But to say that they admire risk takers who succeed is a mirage as well. What they admire is people who have more.





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