too busy making money

March 27, 2013

There is no time for romance. So in Japan (maybe it was China, I’ll get someone to check that out for me)  people are hired to find one’s spouse. Like wedding planners except they arrange the couple. You might want to call them pimps. But that would be unkind. They are hired by people who are too busy making money to find mates.

I’m not sure that they’ll find the time to actually get married. You could have stand-ins. You could photoshop the bride and groom in later. You can get people to do that.

Would they have time to have a honeymoon? Well, people could be hired for that too. And why not get a substitute for your bride as well. Tell the couple to have a good time and report back later. I’m sure you could find someone to do that for you.

And children? You could do that in a lab. Think of the money you’d save on expensive dinners.

Larry had it all

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