‘old age isn’t for cowards’

April 1, 2013

Gordie Howe is one of the greatest hockey players to play the game. He is 85 and is suffering from dementia. I don’t know what that means. Except panic. Where am I? Who am I? My mother is 92. She wakes up from dreams that seem as real as life. She becomes confused. But then settles into her day. I try to joke with her. None of this is particularly funny. But what can you do. This is life for all of us.

What occurs to me now on Easter. Could Jesus suffer this fate? If he was God, could his father allow it?

Katherine Hepburn or Marlena Dietrich said, ‘old age isn’t for cowards’.

Gordie Howe



7 Responses to “‘old age isn’t for cowards’”

  1. katalina4 said

    Said to my dad the other day, “old age ain’t for sissies”, he attributed the quote to Bette Davis. He’s the kind of guy who always won at Trivial Pursuit, so might be right…

  2. godtisx said

    I definitely agree with that statement, I have always had more admiration for people much older than myself (generations). I always had this sense, even when I was very little that the grit of life hadn’t started yet. That those in the midst of it, were enduring something and were of the older generation. And now, I still think that, so I look to them to prepare appropriately for my now and then.

  3. mobius faith said

    I think knowing what will happen is half the battle if we can go into it without the panic an have a sense of adventure and fun it will be easier to bear. The way I see it – old age is more unpleasant for the young than the old. And the young will have a harder time adapting to old age with all this emphasis on looking, and feeling younger in the marketplace of ideas. Old just IS. I miss the days where older meant wisdom and understanding – something actually valued.

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