Dogs on a chain

April 4, 2013

If you have ever watched a tiger pace in its cage, you know how disconcerting it is. A animal of such magnificence reduced to madness. Or apes that sit in their cubicles and throw their shit around.All madness.

And then there is us. In our offices. Living rooms. Behind our computers.

Why are we so obsessed with sex. Especially the sex lives of the rich and famous. (see Kardashians). Sex is a wonderful gift. (Most of the time.) But it is not a career.

I think we are a civilization in a state of boredom. We are preoccupied with our personal bodily functions. Like monkeys in a lab. Like dogs on a chain.


5 Responses to “Dogs on a chain”

  1. Well sex is a career for some – no one I know though. đŸ˜‰

  2. Great post. I think you may well be right. To strangle that famous phrase from Marx – Sex has indeed become the opium of the masses. Following closely behind that drug hit are the ‘cults of celebrity’ and ‘self obsession’. I wonder if you put a mirror in a monkeys cage, whether or not they end up heaping as much shit on their own image as humans do?

  3. Abandon TV said

    Sex in the media is used by the ruling classes as part of their strategy to distract, subvert, manipulate, control, dumb down, pacify, exploit and profit from the masses.

    Centuries ago it used to be called ‘bread and circus’. Since then it has become a lot more sophisticated.

    The advent of photography, film, TV and now digital media has (along with a much better understanding of human psychology) allowed the ruling classes to literally overload the masses with highly ‘weaponised’ content…… including content centred around sexual imagery.

    Almost always this content is loaded with a variety of pernicious subliminal, semi-subliminal and not at all subliminal messages as well.

    • I’m not sure it is a way for the ruling classes to ‘rule’. I think they are just as much a victim. And the masses love this stuff. What bothers me is that most of it is unreal. It is fantasy. How do we get out of it? Certainly not by reacting with prudish laws, or preaching sanctimonious ethics. People have to become excited by a better idea (not ideology).

      • Abandon TV said

        Yes I agree. The ruling classes rule our lives in the same way that rats or germs or parasites might rule our lives…. they only rule our lives if we let them take over.

        The ruling classes are a symptom of our own malady which is like some weird disorder where we give authority and power away to some of the broken, corrupted, sick people in society.

        It’s a bizarre relationship for sure!

        I like the theory that some great cataclysm happened which wiped out a previous great civilisation – perhaps at the end of the last ice age when we know that the sea level permanently rose 400ft in very large and sudden increments (there just happen to be about 2000 ‘great flood’ myths from all around the world). And this theory suggests that it wiped out a highly advanced civilisation and plunged us all back into the stone age.

        And the trauma of this event and our survival instincts caused us to seek leaders and rigid hierarchies – which is a natural response to traumatic situations, and perhaps the only way we could survive at the time. But this rigid hierarchy stuck and we ended up with this hierarchical society divided into rulers and the ruled. And as a civilisation (10,000 years on) we are still recovering from this collective trauma and learning to be independent, ‘sovereign’, confident beings again…

        As a society it is certainly true that we behave like traumatised victims…. we constantly seek escapism, we compulsively give our power away, we feel the urge to have ‘leaders’ to make all the decisions for us.

        And whenever we behave like victims, we end up with rulers. And they exploit our victim tendencies just as we indulge their psychopathic tendencies.

        We say “We need to be ruled” and they say “OK we’ll do that”
        They say “We need to persecute this group of people, start a war and commit genocide” and we say “OK we’ll do that”

        So yes, it is very much a two way relationship and yes we all end up trapped in it. And yes it’s absolutely bonkers.

        And you’re right, it will only change when people get bored of it and decide to do something more interesting in life than just live as human livestock.

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