Canada – a miserable lot

April 12, 2013

Canada ranks 17th. The United States 26th. In a child well-being index. The Netherlands ranks number one. Belgium ranks 9th. I mention Belgium because I lived there for four years. My son was born there.

Belgium has gone through some very tough times in this recession. Last time I visited we could see stores closed. Unemployment is high. Canada on the other hand escaped most of the worst aspects of the recession. And still Belgian children see a brighter future for themselves than Canadian kids do.

Our government is a miserable lot. Taking the example out of America they think it is more important that the rich get richer. Even if the rest of the country goes to hell. And it is not as if the recent government’s policies have led to better times. Things continue to go down hill.



4 Responses to “Canada – a miserable lot”

  1. jmro98 said

    Yes it is a shame to see what they are doing to our country…Harper and company’s….and I’m not even talking about environmental policies and international help…:(

  2. godtisx said

    That’s unfortunate – not the thing Canada should be similar to the US regarding either. And you’re right, let the rich have anything they want seems to be an increasing value of ours. :-[ Too bad, Canada’s as well….

    Oh by the way, placing my blog on private as of today. Tried sending invite through WP but it says invalid email. So please send a request to me if you’re going to click over and can’t see. I’ll confirm. 🙂

  3. It is a shame. But unfortunately I don’t see things changing in the foreseeable future.

  4. The best thing about this country is that the weather smacks us every so often as if to say ‘smarten up. you won’t survive alone.’

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