Dust wakes up

April 15, 2013


I wonder. Actually I’d like to stop at the “I”. Not my personal “I” although that is of interest. I mean, why are we awake? And by we, I mean everything that is aware. Where does consciousness come from? And why does it exist if there is a why? All of Hegel’s work is propelled on this one inquiry.

I think back. And at some time after the universe’s stew has been brewing there were objects, chemicals, processes, etc. But no life. And then life appears. Perhaps it is inevitable. And after that at some point dust wakes up. Us appears.


4 Responses to “Dust wakes up”

  1. Terry said

    Hi David – I’m not sure if you got my response or not – I’m not used to posting on blogs?



  2. …”Hamburgers, Hondas and half-pints of beer are ALL made out of the same sorts of elementary particles and there is absolutely no explanation of how consciousness arises and awareness becomes a characteristic of some objects, but, not others.”…


    I was exploring this subject myself a few days ago.

    Best Regards
    Mrs. N.

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