They don’t look scared enough.

April 27, 2013

Original Sin. It was a hot topic in the early years. Of my schooling. How could we have sinned if we hadn’t actually sinned. Even to a nine year old that seemed odd. Later the word sin was blurred to mean nature. Human beings were flawed. It seemed then that priests/teachers jumped through hoops to explain its meaning.

Sin is always associated with guilt. And Catholics always feel guilt. Guilt is that big hammer in the sky.

Its always amused me how many people who profess to be Christians, aren’t. They don’t look scared enough.

And The Word Was Made Flesh

One Response to “They don’t look scared enough.”

  1. Being raised Catholic I know all about this guilt you speak of it. As for original sin, I’ve come to the conclusion that this infamous gift from god was the ability to have memories aka the power of comparison. Just a thought… Peace v–0.o–v

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