Boston is not a real living thing.

May 2, 2013

“Boston’s Courage.” I saw it as a headline. We all know what that means. In reference to the recent bombing event. But there is no Boston. Boston is a fantasy. Lines on a map. Boston is not a real living thing. There were no Bostons in the middle-ages. We give human characteristics to political unions and treat them as if they existed. People hide behind the mask of nationhood and act out the most heinous of crimes. Or they gouge people of their life savings in the name of some insurance company, some bank. And think they are not personally responsible. When Eichmann said that he was just doing his job, people laughed. People are still hiding behind that excuse.


One Response to “Boston is not a real living thing.”

  1. mobius faith said

    THank you for this. You’ve brought to the fore how media has a way of depersonalizing everything.

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