the “I” or the “We”

June 26, 2013

LornaI have trouble answering the question ‘what is art?’. I know what is bad art. I think. And I’m good with what most people would call great art. (I think.) But everything in between is a bit of an adventure. Is it just up to the taste of the viewer, listener? Is everything to be measured by the “I” or the “We”?

11 Responses to “the “I” or the “We””

  1. Everything you do, everything you see, and everything you create is art in some form and has as much repercussion as firing a gun.

  2. Words have meaning. ‘Art’ has a meaning. I’d like to agree or disagree with you but I’m not sure what ‘art’ means so I have no grounds for either.

  3. I might also add that the Cistine Chapter does matter.

  4. art is something that I undertake everyday – a time when I attempt to create something that allows you the viewer to embark on a journey which may well be very different from mine but is equally as important.

    • Yes, I agree. I think that pretty well sums up the experience of making and viewing/listening to art. But it does make the assumption that we know what is created is art. My mother used to make these wonderful cookies (which were always a little burnt) and I loved them. But they weren’t art.

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