Canada and Lincoln

June 30, 2013

SaturnV1Gettysburg and Canadian Confederation. Americans and Canadians cannot imagine how terrified people in Canada were during the American Civil War. Lincoln had plans or at least dreams of expansion and it included absorbing everything in the north. As Texas had been absorbed in the south. The American army was huge, well trained and armed. Lincoln’s assassination may well have given the forces to the north time to coalesce into a new nation.

3 Responses to “Canada and Lincoln”

  1. karmami said

    So very glad he did not succeed. ..Love Canada just the way it is…..

  2. karmami said

    Glad he did not succeed. .Iove Canada just the way it is…

  3. I have never heard that but don’t altogether disbelieve it. Almost without exception it has been that every leader, every hero, every idealist that I believed in at some point has done something to let me down. Actually, not let me down but differed from my own ideal of them. It was my own fault for finding them extraordinarily exceptional.

    I used to be a great fan of Woodrow Wilson until I saw the movie “Iron-Jawed Angels” and I realized that President Wilson would NEVER give women the vote until he absolutely had to.

    Still though these leaders, heroes, and idealists each took us to another level. Mankind is advancing ever so slowly. Thanks.

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