Self-defense. Pretty funny.

July 18, 2013

The artist atI heard this joke. Two guys. Walking. One guy has a gun. The guy that doesn’t have a gun walks into a dark room. The guy with the gun follows. There’s a bang. The guy with the gun walks out of the room. The guy without the gun stays in the room. He’s dead. The guy with the gun gets off. Self-defense. Pretty funny.

5 Responses to “Self-defense. Pretty funny.”

  1. godtisx said

    Isn’t that a funny JOKE? Hilarious.

    • Made me feel sick. I’ve got kids that age and the idea that someone could/would shoot them is a nightmare. I will never go to Florida.

      • godtisx said

        I was just thinking that myself today (never going to Florida). I don’t have kids but I can identify with how a parent might feel.

        And I feel hurt every time I see his parents and with this verdict like we’re not even up to protecting children now? Ugh. It’s just a really bad signal on so many levels.

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