Now I can go

August 26, 2013

VolcanoCouldn’t sleep. Forgot to take meds. Stayed up too late. Watching movies. Drank too much. Leg cramp. And then there was this nightmare. An argument really. A man is trying to find out if he can find out what is really behind everything (lets call it reality for short) by himself. For years he steels himself against all diversions. No emotions (that he can help). No deep commitments. And then he comes to this conclusion. Schizophrenia is natural to human beings. In fact schizophrenia is being human. But there is a caveat. And now your eyes may glaze over. A must reach B. A is equal to B. A is B. We are all schizophrenic. Those with mental health problems are those who cannot reconcile themselves with the other. They can’t see that the other is them. A is B. (Okay, I’ve written it down. Now I can go and get some sleep. Where did I put that bottle.)

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