The 50s, money on misery

September 7, 2013

His first  hitBeen watching Mad Men. Reminded me of how rigid people’s lives were. There were expectations about the good life and a prescription of what that was. This was after WWII and Korea. Where did these ideas come from. Or were they being made up on the roll. One of the worst ideas in television has to be Queen for a Day. Making money on misery.

2 Responses to “The 50s, money on misery”

  1. elmediat said

    “Reality TV” has been around a long time. It is all constructed reality. Not sure which is worse feeding on misery and creating a fairy tale of hope or mocking ignorance and bad behaviour that seems to be be the present template of entertainment.

    • With the new competition of the internet, television has been lowering the bar to get audiences. David Letterman once said that television was supposed to be stupid. I hope that’s not true.

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