the curtain of myth, spin, and America.

October 27, 2013

50 years ago. Almost yesterday. The death of Kennedy. The creation of Camelot. What I recall years later, after Bobby’s and King’s murders was Jackie Kennedy remarrying. And leaving the country. To protect her children from them. Them.

She was a frightened woman. That tells you a lot of what is behind the curtain of myth, spin, and America.

poulet basquaise

2 Responses to “the curtain of myth, spin, and America.”

  1. I just watched a Kennedy documentary on CBC, based on info from the perspective of Kennedy’s nannies. I was surprised by the puppet-master role played behind the scenes by Joe Kennedy, JFK’s father. Joe’s strong political ambition had been thwarted during WWII due to outrageous comments he made while serving as US ambassador to London. was also surprised to learn that JFK was half-crippled, but that this apparent physical frailty was masked in the media to maintain a strong presidential persona.

    BTW I will have the Family Bucket, with extra breasts and thighs please.

  2. Kennedy came to Ottawa for some public occasion. They were breaking ground. Someone handed him a shovel for photo opt and he wrenched his back. Washington was pissed.

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