a ‘rationalization’ fix

November 11, 2013

I’m sitting in Starbucks. Day after day. This fellow comes in and reads “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. I’ve read parts. I’ve listened to interviews with Ayn Rand. I’ve watch a couple of films based on her work. She is no doubt one of the most  unattractive people I have ever heard interviewed. It is this unattractiveness that has made her career. People think she must be a serious thinker.

Anyway this guy comes into Starbucks everyday. Reads his Rand. Piece by piece. He is only the second person I have met who reads Rand. The first was a very attractive woman in her 40s who swore that Rand was our Plato. She was starting a new business and Rand was her inspiration. The guy who came into Starbucks every day and read was an actor, trying to get discovered. He was also in his 40s. I think Rand’s philosophy (Nietzsche gone rancid) suits those who are desperate and need a ‘rationalization’ fix.

I’m sure Rand is very popular with the ‘tea party’ clan.


Ted Cruz is a Canadian

November 6, 2013

The Killer's WeddingAnd we’re not particularly proud of it.

Cruz birth certificate

50 years ago. Almost yesterday. The death of Kennedy. The creation of Camelot. What I recall years later, after Bobby’s and King’s murders was Jackie Kennedy remarrying. And leaving the country. To protect her children from them. Them.

She was a frightened woman. That tells you a lot of what is behind the curtain of myth, spin, and America.

poulet basquaise

Help me, Rhonda

October 15, 2013

Help help me Rhonda

The American Right Strikes Back

A sense of fairness

August 16, 2013

Sins of the fleshThere’s a new movie coming out called The Butler. It deals with racism in America. Racism in Toronto was different. When I was a kid growing up there were no black students. I never met a black person. There were no black families in the city where I lived or in the suburbs where we moved when I was 6. The only blacks I saw were on the news and in Buffalo when my parents crossed the American border.

Its painful to recall the kind of ideas that were roaming around the heads of 9 and 10 year olds. Were Negroes the missing link between humans and apes? Were Negroes innately slower? Should they be allowed the same rights as the rest of us? Our inhumanity at that time is difficult to explain. But we were obviously picking up these ideas from the adult world. And there was something else. Something even stronger than these prejudices. A sense of fairness. No matter how you argued any issue, we all knew that ‘negroes’ weren’t being treated fairly.

a grinch inside

August 10, 2013

Flight2There was a documentary about Nixon last night. Didn’t watch much of it. But I was reminded about how miserable a man he was. Even when there are pictures of him waving and smiling one always gets the feeling that there is a grinch inside. snarling.

The artist atI heard this joke. Two guys. Walking. One guy has a gun. The guy that doesn’t have a gun walks into a dark room. The guy with the gun follows. There’s a bang. The guy with the gun walks out of the room. The guy without the gun stays in the room. He’s dead. The guy with the gun gets off. Self-defense. Pretty funny.

Collateral Damage

July 4, 2013

collateral damageCollateral Damage. My that’s a cold hearted expression.

American terrorists

July 2, 2013

An Evening With Bob DylanThere were outside attacks on Canada in the 1800s. They came out of America. They were called the Fenian Raids. Although not sanctioned by the American government they were allowed to  happen. The Fenians were Irish Americans who fought for the independence of Ireland and the overthrow of British forces everywhere in the world.The Fenians were not just a gang of cutthroats.

The Fenians now split into two factions. The original faction led by Fenian founders James Stephens and John O’Mahony focused more on fundraising for rebels in Ireland. The more militant “senate faction” led by William R. Roberts believed that even a marginally successful invasion of the Province of Canada or other parts of British North America would provide them with leverage in their efforts. After the failure of the April attempt to raid New Brunswick, which had been blessed by O’Mahony, the senate faction implemented their own plan for invading Canada. Drafted by the senate “Secretary for War” General T. W. Sweeny, a distinguished former Union Army officer, the plan called for multiple invasions at points in Canada West (now southern Ontario) and Canada East (now southern Quebec) intended to cut Canada West off from Canada East and possible British reinforcements from there. Key to the plan was a diversionary attack at Fort Erie from Buffalo, New York, meant to draw troops away from Toronto in a feigned strike at the nearby Welland Canal system. This would be the only Fenian attack, other than the Quebec raid several days later, that would be launched in June 1866.

Approximately 1000 to 1,300 Fenians crossed the Niagara River in the first 14 hours of June 1 under Colonel John O’Neill.[3] Sabotaged by Fenians in its crew, the U.S. Navy’s side-wheel gunboat USS Michigan did not begin intercepting Fenian reinforcements until 2:15 p.m. — fourteen hours after Owen Starr’s advance party had crossed the river ahead of O’Neill’s main force.

They sound a lot like the Taliban.

( I am Irish Catholic.)

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