Perhaps it does not exist.

October 20, 2013

like making love..This is not a great insight. The impressionists made it. But I am sure someone noticed it much sooner. The closer you get to a photograph the more the image disappears into dots. You cannot see the image until you pull away from the picture to a certain distance. So the real image exists neither in the picture (photograph) nor in your perception. But some place in between. (Perhaps my logic is flawed but you get the meaning.) Reality is like that as well. The world as we perceive it does not exist at the atomic level. Our perception is our reality. (That of course is a contradiction.) Reality cannot be subjective. We as individuals or a species cannot own it. Perhaps it does not exist…

And they turned her over to the righteousPS copyCruelty. Is it what the powerful do when they become bored? Do we believe in God because without him, life is just too dull. And cruel. Are the angels of our spirits, illusions. Just an escape from reality.

Victor Genova withI saw an accident. Two cars. Looked like one car had cut in front of the other and slammed on its brakes. On overpass. Fire engine. Ambulance. A guy leaning against a guard rail. A woman in white hair rushing around. Medics taking a younger woman out of a car and putting her on a stretcher. Whiplash. I walked my bike passed. A few moments later on the other side of the overpass a young woman dressed to the nine’s passed me. Heading toward the accident. Without a care in the world.


hell in Quebec

July 11, 2013

People were vapourized. The whole incident at Lac-Megantic, Quebec is like hell.

We are all so temporary.




My wife tripped over a stone. In trying to safe herself from falling she stepped forward. Her speed increased. She smashed into a parked car. Broke her shoulder bone. A terrible accident.

In the argument between determinism and free will what is an accident? Between order and chaos, what is chance?

Are we, homo sapiens, an accident?

The Mind of John Mad Madigan v2


Where did we come up with the concept of judgment. I mean final judgment. Does it make most of us feel good that those who have prospered at the expense of others will get theirĀ come-uppence? Is it the need to feel as if there must be some justice in life? All religions as far as I can tell, preach that the righteous shall be rewarded. Upon what evidence?

And so we build our lives.

The chicken in his mouth

April 30, 2013

Is there any sense in talking about acts of nature, floods, fires, the movement of celestial bodies as being good or evil? Is a fox evil and the chicken in his mouth good? If mankind destroyed itself, would there still be evil in the world? Does evil depend upon the existence of sentient beings with free will?


Original Sin. It was a hot topic in the early years. Of my schooling. How could we have sinned if we hadn’t actually sinned. Even to a nine year old that seemed odd. Later the word sin was blurred to mean nature. Human beings were flawed. It seemed then that priests/teachers jumped through hoops to explain its meaning.

Sin is always associated with guilt. And Catholics always feel guilt. Guilt is that big hammer in the sky.

Its always amused me how many people who profess to be Christians, aren’t. They don’t look scared enough.

And The Word Was Made Flesh

Dust wakes up

April 15, 2013


I wonder. Actually I’d like to stop at the “I”. Not my personal “I” although that is of interest. I mean, why are we awake? And by we, I mean everything that is aware. Where does consciousness come from? And why does it exist if there is a why? All of Hegel’s work is propelled on this one inquiry.

I think back. And at some time after the universe’s stew has been brewing there were objects, chemicals, processes, etc. But no life. And then life appears. Perhaps it is inevitable. And after that at some point dust wakes up. Us appears.


Monsters of the deep

April 10, 2013

I just found this so interesting. A glimpse into what alien life could look like.

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