Blow away dandelions

November 26, 2013

Blow away dandylions

No one is home

October 24, 2013

No one was homeA dream. That aliens land on earth. And no one is home.

The Passion of Joan of Arc

September 21, 2013

The Passion of Joan of Arc

sleaze bag

September 18, 2013

the guy was a scum bagI did this during the Zimmerman trial.


September 6, 2013

girl overboard Girl overboardv2One of my nightmares

On the beach

August 28, 2013

Are we on the verge of war again?

A Day At The Beach

Did he really do that?

August 13, 2013

OgreDid ogres exist? Some say that the legend derives from a real person. Gilles de Retz

Gilles de Montmorency-Laval (also known as Gilles de Retz) (1404–1440), Baron de Rais, was a Breton knight, a leader in the French army and a companion-in-arms of Joan of Arc. He is best known by his reputation and conviction as a prolific serial killer of children.

A member of the House of Montmorency-Laval, Gilles de Rais grew up under the tutelage of his maternal grandfather and increased his fortune by marriage. He earned the favour of the Duke of Brittany and was admitted to the French court. From 1427 to 1435, Gilles served as a commander in the Royal Army, and fought alongside Joan of Arc against the English and their Burgundian allies during the Hundred Years’ War, for which he was appointed Marshal of France.

In 1434/1435, he retired from military life, depleted his wealth by staging an extravagant theatrical spectacle of his own composition and dabbled in the occult. After 1432 Gilles engaged in a series of child murders, his victims possibly numbering in the hundreds. The killings came to an end in 1440 when a violent dispute with a clergyman led to an ecclesiastical investigation which brought Gilles’ crimes to light. At his trial the parents of missing children in the surrounding area and Gilles’ own confederates in crime testified against him. Gilles was condemned to death and hanged at Nantes on 26 October 1440.

To this day there is some controversy regarding his guilt or innocence.

she was quite a looker in her time

a beautiful orange dog

August 1, 2013

She might have loved... someone elseA terrible image stays in my head. It is a memory from my childhood. I was with my family in a blue Pathfinder, a Pontiac. On a two lane highway, moving down a hill. In the countryside on an August morning. I saw a beautiful orange dog sitting in a farm driveway. Down the road coming toward us in the distance was a large transport truck. The dog saw the transport. Stood up. And ran down the long driveway. As the transport passed the farm house lane, the dog ran directly into the wheels. And exploded. When we reached the farm, there was nothing but blood on the road.

And they turned her over to the righteousPS copyCruelty. Is it what the powerful do when they become bored? Do we believe in God because without him, life is just too dull. And cruel. Are the angels of our spirits, illusions. Just an escape from reality.

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