and the angels laughed themselves to sleepI hate crowds. I like watching them from the outside but I don’t enjoy the actual experience of being one of the crew. Like sunning on the beach. Wedding receptions. But give me a camera or a bottle of scotch. And let me separate myself. And then I find them fascinating. One of my favourite films in this regard is Grand HotelĀ  with the very young Joan Crawford amongst other great stars.

I sort of miss it

October 30, 2013

Red Hair Green Grass2I was born with red hair. Orange actually. So was my sister. Both our parents had black hair. Which made us something like freaks. Red heads are generally not cute. They are different looking. And no red head that I know liked being a red head. As a child. Now that my hair has turned white, I sort of miss it.

Canadian Camper

October 10, 2013

Canadian Camping2

Van Gogh’s Daughter

September 24, 2013

van gogh's daughter

The wolf is in the asylum

September 23, 2013

the wolf is in the asylumWhat is madness? I’m not sure. In many cases it seems like an overdose of sadness.

Toronto collagist

August 14, 2013

PeggyI googgled “Toronto collagist” and discovered that I wasn’t there. So I labelled this piece Toronto collagist. What we won’t do for vanity.

ugly as sin

July 19, 2013

The Duchess of IslingtonDoes everyone whose on American news programs have to shout? That’s what panel discussions are. And does everyone female ‘expert’ have to be under 35 and beautiful? CNN is like a pageant. And the guys are even prettier. Americans should see Rex Murphy. He’s ugly as sin and interesting as hell.


For your love

July 17, 2013

Swept AwayI have to make an inventory of all the things we lost in the flood. What cost is ‘peace of mind’.

three of us

July 14, 2013

MoonglowWent to see me mum. Met me sun at the door. He was going to visit his gacki. Had a short wonderful visit with the three of us. My sun is so… mature. Scares the beejesus out of me.

too much like church

June 11, 2013

Lovers in Burlington Lovers in Burlingtonv2I’ve never really enjoyed the gallery experience. Its too much like church.

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