reality takes courage

August 19, 2013

Silent StaircaseWe like to feel as if we have made a difference. Are we being honest? The greatest or the worst of us may make some difference in the ant colony we call earth. But its a big universe. This is not despair. Or even pessimism. The ancient Greeks knew that when they rebelled against the gods. Looking at reality takes courage. Something very few of us have in abundance.

And they turned her over to the righteousPS copyCruelty. Is it what the powerful do when they become bored? Do we believe in God because without him, life is just too dull. And cruel. Are the angels of our spirits, illusions. Just an escape from reality.

ugly as sin

July 19, 2013

The Duchess of IslingtonDoes everyone whose on American news programs have to shout? That’s what panel discussions are. And does everyone female ‘expert’ have to be under 35 and beautiful? CNN is like a pageant. And the guys are even prettier. Americans should see Rex Murphy. He’s ugly as sin and interesting as hell.


Touched…. yes

July 15, 2013

on the beach with adolfWhile watching The Bible, it seemed as if everyone was out of their mind. When we watch these Islamic zealots its easy to see but when it comes to Christians there is a tendency to say that they’ve been touched by God. Touched…. yes.

I prefer the Life of Brian.

Without the pool

July 15, 2013

no place to swingI watched about the first 20 minutes of the series “The Bible”. Not my cup of tea. There’s Noah’s ark. Giraffes. Birds. No kangaroos. I wonder if there were mosquitoes. The boat looks like one of those cruise liners. About the same size. But without the pool.

full plumage

July 12, 2013

LittleRedRidingHoodI wondered the other day if we (human beings) weren’t bait. Our intelligence has allowed us full plumage. We’re like a fire fly in the swamp. But who are we attracting? And who is doing the fishing?

hell in Quebec

July 11, 2013

People were vapourized. The whole incident at Lac-Megantic, Quebec is like hell.

We are all so temporary.




a sobering place

July 8, 2013

Invited GuestsI was at a brothel. In Herculaneum. The other city besides Pompeii that was buried under a volcano. People caught doing their normal workaday ‘things’. And then the end. Eating. Sleeping. Making love. Dead. Its a sobering place.

a punishment channel

June 29, 2013

Near the EndCircuses. That’s all I can think of when I watch my wife watch the two murder trial developments on CNN. Zimmerman and Hernandez. I can imagine a special station devoted only to trials (murder, mayhem, and money). Can a punishment channel be far behind?

I’m always listening to the political stirrings in the USA. Everyone is shouting. Fox news has made smirking something of a ‘company brand’. Arguments are made and won regardless of the truth. The facts be damned. Now the positions are taken regarding the abortion issue. One side calls the other side ‘murderers’. The other side says that its ‘none of your business’.

I have been against abortion for years. I have also been for a woman’s right to make her own decision. Many people share my position.

The American Right Strikes Back


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