reality is based on trust

August 30, 2013

a girl dissolving in pinkYour mind forces you to see what is not there. Reality itself can only be experienced by a God. The rest of us (animals, cameras, Republicans) interpret. We interpret from experience or from what we are taught. Which is why we believe in perspective. And why we once believed the earth was flat but today we don’t. Much or ‘our’ reality is based on trust.

consequences strikes me

June 28, 2013

Mechanical Rainv1My grandfather used to say that everyone complained about the weather but no one did anything about it. I don’t know if the wacky weather we’re seeing around the planet is due to climate change. Weather has often been wacky. But the notion that we can do what ever we want to the planet and there will be no consequences strikes me as plain ‘stupid’.

Our world is disappearing. Soon, sooner than we can imagine, there will be many worlds. Here. Worlds of the imagination come real. Worlds of a dog’s vision and a fly’s. I was watching a documentary on Quantum Mechanics (or Physics) with Michio Kaku.

Collages and the surreal give us a key hole view of things that might be. And not all of them are benign. They never have been.

Teenage Wasteland Teenage WastelandV2


One of the ideas involved in the concept of entropy is that nature tends from order to disorder in isolated systems.

It is all about Humpty Dumpty. You can’t put the egg back together. So from day one of the universe entropy has been increasing. Things break down. Disorder takes over. The arrow is going in one direction.

Doesn’t entropy contradict evolution?

The intersection has 4 green lights on.

Problem: How did the egg get created in a universe that is becoming more disordered?

the 9th dimension

Stage names

December 28, 2012

I just received my new CD. I have to take it to my ear throat and something specialist. To see if my tumor is growing. Or just squatting on the couch and watching TV. All these reminders of our own mortality are a pain in the ass. As I might have mentioned before I  have named my tumor, B9. I hope she doesn’t take a stage name.

Girl lost in thoughts of herself

Harvey is my friend.

August 2, 2012

Do you believe in ghosts? Haunted houses? What would Macbeth be without the 3 hags. What science knows about this phenomena is that the planet affects our minds. When Mt. St. Helen blew up there were climbers on the opposite side of the mountain. They hallucinated. Saw things hours before the big blow up. Climbers have seen things. People in the desert have seen mirages. Sailors on the seas have seen things. These are either real events or hallucinations. In some ways saying that the planet makes us see things is stranger than ghosts. Gravity has an affect on our sense of reality. What happens when astronauts reach new planets? Will they be able to trust what they see? Will they go mad on long  journeys?

Dead or Alive

August 1, 2012

“Many people take Near Death Experiences to be evidence of life after death, but the British psychologist Susan Blackmore and others have attempted to explain each of the elements physiologically. The tunnel and light might result from lack of oxygen in the visual cortex. Abnormal activity in the temporal lobes can cause flashbacks. A sense of pleasure results from endorphin release.” (Matthew Hudson, Psychology Today, August 2012

I had a heart attack. Here’s what happened.

1. Taken to hospital in ambulance. I was feeling fine.

2. Put in room. Hooked up to machines. Blood taken. ECG taken. Left alone.

3. An hour or so later (time is a mystery) a doctor walks in. I tell him my story. He tells me I had a heart attack. I never see him again.

4. I wait. I figure the big one is coming.

5. Nurses come in periodically. Look at the machines. Indifferently.

6. A woman, a civilian, comes into the room. She is about 40. Attractive. Asks me why I’m here. I tell her I had a heart attack. She looks at me. Are you afraid? she asks. No, I respond. You are very brave, she says. And leaves the room. I never see  her again.

7. A doctor comes in. Tells me I should have a procedure. I agree.

8. I am moved to another room. All night I wait. For the big one.

9. Next morning I am wheeled into a room. I am lightly sedated. A rod is shoved up my leg. I see the wire moving through my body. (On a monitor). Its boring. There is rock and roll playing. The doctor doing the procedure is laughing with 2 nurses. 5 stints are put in my heart.

10. I am taken back to my room. Released a couple of days later.

No tunnel. No white light. No out of the body experience. Nothing happened. Except the feeling that the world moved on without me. Dead or alive.

I see it empty

July 29, 2012

An artist friend of mine, Ed Kuris,  sees things. Feathers. Coincidences. He hears things. Words on the radio. That he has just typed on the page. Artists see patterns.

Pattern finding is so central to survival and success that we see patterns everywhere, even in random data – a phenomenon called apophenia. (Matthew Hudson, Psychology Today, August 2012)

I too see things. Which is necessary to make collages. To write poetry. But my pattern detection is limited to my work. I can turn it on and off. Most of the time. Ed cannot. For him it is like an avalanche of information descends upon and his brain must make some sense of it.

I have a very strong skeptical trait. I don’t believe things almost as a reflex. I distrust everything, even my own thoughts, my own ideas.

Both Ed and I are paranoid. He is paranoid about the unknown. I’m afraid of the known.

He sees the universe filled with meaning. I see it empty.

July 2, 2012

Like most people I am fascinated by physics. If I could add I’d probably be a world famous… Anyway here is a little blog about a cat. And Quantum physics.

The Millennium Conjectures™

“I don’t like it, and I’m sorry I ever had anything to do with it.”
Erwin Schrödinger  (referring to Quantum Mechanics).

What better follow up to The Equation of Canine Chaos, then the infamous tale of Schrodinger’s Cat?

In Quantum Weirdness 101, we saw that the double-slit experiment revealed the wave-particle duality of sub-atomic quanta, and the fact that these troublesome little bits behave as if they are everywhere they could possibly be at once until an observer looks for them.  While the experimental proof that this happens is rock-solid, the explanation for what causes it is anything but.  For decades after its original discovery in the 1920’s, the predominant interpretation—essentially, in fact, the only one—was the so-called Copenhagen Interpretation.  It essentially states that the universe is just fuzzy on the sub-atomic level, it doesn’t affect our everyday macro-world, and we mortals should not worry about…

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