I’m often no fun

November 12, 2013

Victor Genova Enjoys The Good LifeSometimes I feel as if I have no feelings. That I live inside of my own head. Except when I’m around my best friends. And I wonder why they put up with me. I’m often no fun.

Victor Genova

October 19, 2013

Life was a mystery to young Victor Genova2One of the most notorious of the post JPXIII gang. Single handedly he converted 4.7 Presbyterians to Pepsi Cola.


August 31, 2013

I just realized that I’ve been married longer than my parents.

a melancholy woman takes acidA kind of phantom piece of data that affects you for no good reason. Like dew.

rain on the tin roof

August 16, 2013

Raisons in the pie2


Rain on the tin roof. Rain on the tent canvas. Rain falling. Like a drunk staggering home to the woman he loves a little bit more after several drinks.

Watching television. House. You turned to me. Do you still love me. I don’t even know how to answer the question. Do I still love my arm. Or my skin. I think the cat wants in.

The fire has gone. Partly due to the medication. Partly due to my boredom. Partly due to that empty bottle rolling across the floor. And yes its partly due to you.

I’m beginning to lose my keys. I’m beginning to forget if I turned off the stove. I’m beginning to forget the names of the kids. But I’ll never forget you. Standing on that frozen corner. Selling jewellery to the freaks of nature. My last thought, I’m sure, is of you turning to answer me

inside out

August 3, 2013

The HaircutI know I need a haircut. I’m beginning to look homeless. The other day I went into Starbucks and had a coffee. My wife pointed out that I had my tshirt on inside out.

about sex with me

July 25, 2013

Vic and Nick Genova..Everytime I see my mother at the home she says she wants to die. Then she complains about the food. The food is bland. And they don’t have wine with their meals. The other day my mother wanted to talk about sex with me. She’s 92. I felt like a 12 year old.

I am getting uglier

July 22, 2013

George Carlin on fat/ugly people.


I am getting uglier. Not to say that I still don’t have my attractive qualities. But the fall has been acute. And what I have noticed is how ugly other people appear. And they are not so old. There is a weariness about their faces. Sometimes weight has something to do with it. Women dragging kids behind them who can’t quite believe (the women I mean) that they are in this life, the one their mother’s had. Or men, wearing jersey’s from sports team and guts. Guts that often defy gravity. And the pallor. Grey. Almost chalky. Its been a tough couple of decades. I tell my kids to have fun with their appearance and their lives. The ugly part starts too soon.


The Rise of Western Culturehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nLRQvK2-iqQ


off their medication

July 21, 2013

The girl from LavrilleI shouldn’t say anything. But that’s what I want to talk about. Talking. Everywhere you go people have a cell phone in their hand. Yacking. Who would have thought the old man to have had so many words in him. (Macbeth, sorta) I just can’t remember when it was not so…

Oh, ya. Now I remember. When people spoke to themselves like that,  you knew they were nuts or off their medication.

My first love

June 12, 2013

Marianne's Oldest Daughter Marianne's Youngest DaughterMarianne was my first love. We separated and lost touch. I imagined this girl as her oldest daughter. The guy in front is an art critic.

I could vomit up my whole life. Its infected. All my memories, thoughts, impressions. By advertising. Labels. Product names. Jingles (commercial tunes)

I don’t even know if they produce Winston cigarettes anymore. But they are alive in my head.

I once had a dish of Rice-a-Roni. It was awful but I can still hear the ringing of that commercial. And of course for indigestion after that San Francisco treat, there was Alka Setzer with the inconic drug dealer.

The frightening thing is that getting older doesn’t help erase these commercials. In fact it gets worse. Which brings us the last moments of your life. Judgment day.

We’re all in trouble.

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