August 8, 2013


Mish Mash

September 26, 2011

Everything in the urban environment is a human idea. The stop sign. The pizza sign. The layout of the mall. The road grid. Asphalt. Cement. Glass. We exist, like the squirrels. And weeds. Birds and raccoons in a jungle of ideas. These ideas do not often have any relationship with each other. The traffic lights were not designed with that poster stuck to one of the polls advertising an appearance of a rock band. Its a kind of mish mash. Of course all of these things are subject to the laws of nature. Rust. Erosion. etc. But they were not created by nature such as a tree in the forest. Human consciousness has evolved and adapted in the last hundred years or so to a ‘collage’. Although the hunter or farmer, the trapper or sailor had to deal with danger. He did not have to deal with things that could not have been predicted. In the city you deal with randomness. Not for the most part dangerous but always… odd. Okay, so she wasn’t really your mother.

Airplane At Night

September 18, 2008

Airplane At Night

Airplane At Night

I went out with my father to fish one night. A small plane flew above our heads. The moon was soft and yellow like butter. My father cleared his throat. The smoke from his cigar twisted into the cool night air.

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