Norwegian Wood

August 10, 2013

Gail Shramek

I couldn’t spell a word

October 30, 2011

my first experimenting with being john lennon. also ferlinghetti. words are always fun. when i started writing. i was three. or thereabouts. my mother bought me a notebook. and i told stories. if i couldn’t spell a word. i asked. if no one answered i would draw a picture. or cut it out of a newspaper or magazine. and stick it in. introduction to collage.





ivy gypsy rose

policeman under my chin

he speaks russian

i speak lennon


finger snail

so slow to put it write

mustard corn machine grins iron clap traces

plastic braces

bout with the flu mismatched faeces

read the news follow the races


wet dreams general sighs

wars all over his stingy thighs

smiling and sayin

something needs to be said.

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