August 15, 2013

Our mayor got drunk at a local street party on the Danforth (the Greek part of town). Reminds me of Jim Morrison. Rob Ford thinks of himself as having that rocknroll star magnetism. Rob Ford is Toronto’s Prometheus.



He’s a tool

August 2, 2013

Space Cowboy The Mayor of TorontoThe Right Honourable… lets face it there’s nothing honourable about the guy.

Brazen and brawny

May 21, 2013

Mike DuffyToronto-Mayor-Rob-FordThis is Mike Duffy and Rob Ford. They are our political tag team champions. In the tradition of the British Bulldogs and the Samoans.

images30_display_imagesamoans_original_display_imageCome to Canada this summer and get in all the action. No holes barred. Brazen and brawny. Stupid and stupider. Canada. Home of the beaver.

I’m getting grouchy. We are going to have an election in Ontario. And it looks like the conservatives will win. They won the federal election. They won the city election. And now the provincial. And I’m a democrat. But sometimes its hard. You have to hold your nose when the populous elects boobs. So many terrible things have happened in this area but hardly anyone seems upset. Recently Toronto has been exposed to the stories of what happened during the Group of 20. One demonstrator had his wooden leg torn off him by the police. They said it could have been used as a weapon. Another man who had come down a few days before the demonstration and said something about the G20 found himself naked, in jail. The charges against him were later dropped. How can people defend this type of behaviour? Some policemen are out of control. And their superiors are cowards. A man is beaten by a cop and none of the police around him can identify him. If you are an American and are thinking of coming to Toronto this summer… don’t. You’re safer at home.

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