Me Jane

November 27, 2011

Literate man is a schizophrenic.

Or so says Marshall McLuhan. His visual sense has been separated from his hearing. Pre-literate man is a whole man. His ears unify his experience.

Remember when Jane tries to teach Tarzan to speak. In effect make him a literate man. She is really seducing him into becoming ‘bi-polar’. As it were. She wants to change him. Into a European. At the beginning. Later she learns her lesson. And Tarzan must be himself. Noble. Although clean shaven. Pretty nifty hair cut as well. How come no one in the 60s looked like Tarzan? They were all trying to get back to the garden.

Actually I think Grace Slick may have looked a little like  Jane.

I’m thinking that McLuhan may be guilty of sentimentalism. Hold on. Someone just called me on the phone. Except that I don’t have one.

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