Canada ranks 17th. The United States 26th. In a child well-being index. The Netherlands ranks number one. Belgium ranks 9th. I mention Belgium because I lived there for four years. My son was born there.

Belgium has gone through some very tough times in this recession. Last time I visited we could see stores closed. Unemployment is high. Canada on the other hand escaped most of the worst aspects of the recession. And still Belgian children see a brighter future for themselves than Canadian kids do.

Our government is a miserable lot. Taking the example out of America they think it is more important that the rich get richer. Even if the rest of the country goes to hell. And it is not as if the recent government’s policies have led to better times. Things continue to go down hill.



We’ve got to change the laws of physics. Water should not seek its own level. I have a lake in my  backyard. My house is an island. There is water in our basement. Flooding. For hours I couldn’t find my cat. I thought he had drowned. Why isn’t the government doing anything about it. I say its the fault of liberal policies.  In the next election I’ll cast my vote for the conservative, Prime Minister Harper. He’ll change the laws of physics. Or promise to.

A Buoy's Song


June 22, 2012

Do they know what they’re doing? The Canadian government was going to put listening devices in airports. To eavesdrop on travellers. We have a conservative government that preaches less government but in fact is the most intrusive force in our society. They’ve sent out a  clear message. Don’t talk to each other. Will there be listening devices in libraries, hospitals, schools?

And Canadians don’t get upset! What a bunch of sheep.















Canadian Politics

April 6, 2012

This is what its come down to. Every time there is a new party leader in Canada, our Prime Minister assassinates the guy’s character.

I’m getting grouchy. We are going to have an election in Ontario. And it looks like the conservatives will win. They won the federal election. They won the city election. And now the provincial. And I’m a democrat. But sometimes its hard. You have to hold your nose when the populous elects boobs. So many terrible things have happened in this area but hardly anyone seems upset. Recently Toronto has been exposed to the stories of what happened during the Group of 20. One demonstrator had his wooden leg torn off him by the police. They said it could have been used as a weapon. Another man who had come down a few days before the demonstration and said something about the G20 found himself naked, in jail. The charges against him were later dropped. How can people defend this type of behaviour? Some policemen are out of control. And their superiors are cowards. A man is beaten by a cop and none of the police around him can identify him. If you are an American and are thinking of coming to Toronto this summer… don’t. You’re safer at home.

Julia Joops in Psycho

October 28, 2009

Why do we want to be scared? Out of our minds? Why do people laugh when someone sneaks up behind someone and screams ‘BOO!’ It feels prehistoric. Like we tap into some awful terror that stalks us from our ancestral past. Would it work on an alien? I think I’d like to try on Prime Minister Harper. I’ll bet he doesn’t flinch.

Julia Joops in Psycho

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