Nicolas Lampert

December 31, 2009

Every so often you find a collage artist who does something so daring and yet so mundane that you wonder if his work is ‘tongue in cheek’. This is work by Nicolas Lampert. It is one in a series called meatscapes.

Old blogs die young

December 27, 2009

An old blog called the power of h (I’ve used this several times) that I haven’t added to much lately. More than 2 blogs became quite a task. There are slide shows on it with some of my earlier work.

Julien Picaud

December 23, 2009

These collages by Julien Picaud, remind me of the first collages that wiped me out. They were in a magazine called Bizarre and I found them in the deep recesses of the university library. They are also familiar to the work on the Monty Python Flying Food Circus. I love the use of a flat background as if 2 and 3 dimensional worlds lived beside each other. And the notion of story telling that in this surreal world have no beginning or end but exist in some kind of eternal anticipation.

Gus Finklestein

December 23, 2009

These are very bizarre and intriguing collages. The sight is called accidental mysteries.

Ella Fitzgerald Version 2

December 16, 2009

My second choice for an illustration for a piece on Ella Fitzgerald.

Billie Holiday 3rd version

December 9, 2009

The third version of my Billie Holiday piece

Madonna With Martin Bormann

December 7, 2009

The whole ‘Madonna’ series of paintings in Christian art has been fascinating. She is at the core of what it means to be human. And what it means to be good. She gave birth to the Christ. What if it  had been Martin Bormann, Hitler’s secretary?

Two great jazz singers, Jo Stafford and Edith Wright, melded into one voice.

This is the longest title I have ever used. And it is one of the most absurd of historical fictions. And yet. Is it possible in some other dimension? In some other possible universe? The image itself might well spin out an entire novel. In the viewer.

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