Canada and Lincoln

June 30, 2013

SaturnV1Gettysburg and Canadian Confederation. Americans and Canadians cannot imagine how terrified people in Canada were during the American Civil War. Lincoln had plans or at least dreams of expansion and it included absorbing everything in the north. As Texas had been absorbed in the south. The American army was huge, well trained and armed. Lincoln’s assassination may well have given the forces to the north time to coalesce into a new nation.

a punishment channel

June 29, 2013

Near the EndCircuses. That’s all I can think of when I watch my wife watch the two murder trial developments on CNN. Zimmerman and Hernandez. I can imagine a special station devoted only to trials (murder, mayhem, and money). Can a punishment channel be far behind?

I’m always listening to the political stirrings in the USA. Everyone is shouting. Fox news has made smirking something of a ‘company brand’. Arguments are made and won regardless of the truth. The facts be damned. Now the positions are taken regarding the abortion issue. One side calls the other side ‘murderers’. The other side says that its ‘none of your business’.

I have been against abortion for years. I have also been for a woman’s right to make her own decision. Many people share my position.

The American Right Strikes Back


consequences strikes me

June 28, 2013

Mechanical Rainv1My grandfather used to say that everyone complained about the weather but no one did anything about it. I don’t know if the wacky weather we’re seeing around the planet is due to climate change. Weather has often been wacky. But the notion that we can do what ever we want to the planet and there will be no consequences strikes me as plain ‘stupid’.

the people in Calgary

June 28, 2013

Man on a balconyGod bless and keep safe the people in Calgary Alberta.

LornaI have trouble answering the question ‘what is art?’. I know what is bad art. I think. And I’m good with what most people would call great art. (I think.) But everything in between is a bit of an adventure. Is it just up to the taste of the viewer, listener? Is everything to be measured by the “I” or the “We”?

Victor Genova in the early.Victor Genova was one of the pioneers in the early days of television. He would get up every Saturday morning and with a glass of milk and a saucer of peanut butter cookies he would watch Captain Kangaroo. He’s always loved people with deep pockets.

an ant farting

June 25, 2013

Vertigo of Mary Ire When John Lennon was assassinated, his killer said he wanted to be famous. Reality shows are all about this. The Kardashians. Famous for being famous. But what happens when people realize that they are not going to get their 15 minutes of fame? Or that it means as much as an ant farting?

Vertigo of..v2

Too Fat Virgins Too Fat Virginsv2I was reminded by a friend how much he likes Joni Mitchell. I did not agree but that’s fine. There are many entertainers whose voices grate on me. Aretha Franklin. Joan Baez. Gordon Lightfoot. But that’s why there’s 57 varieties of Heinz soup. But then my friend went on about what a great artist she was, what a great writer (song writer). I’m not sure about that. We tend to brag about artists, singers, athletes, that perform while we are drawing breath. The ‘now’ reigns supreme.

The Gasping IslandsMaybe this is my version of LOST. Or a tourist in the Twilight Zone. Which is where we all live. Alone.

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