I wondered if I should make a list of all the women I have fallen in love with. Not conquests. I wondered if I should stop at women.


Broken hearted

October 9, 2013

Broken hearted..

September 29, 2013

3 women from chelseaI was talking to an old friend who mentioned a writer who we both grew up with. He’d been over for dinner. The dinner hadn’t gone well. My friend said that the writer spent the whole evening talking about his work.

A lot of artists spend a gross amount of  time self-promoting. It is the ‘oxygen of success’. (I’m stealing that line from the New York Times.) ‘Giving a good interview’ has become as important or more important than good writing.


September 24, 2013


Waiting room version 2

September 24, 2013

Waiting Room v2I suppose this could be a psychiatrist’s office.

Van Gogh’s Daughter

September 24, 2013

van gogh's daughter

The wolf is in the asylum

September 23, 2013

the wolf is in the asylumWhat is madness? I’m not sure. In many cases it seems like an overdose of sadness.

The naked hitchhiker

September 20, 2013

the Naked Hitchhiker copy The Naked Hitchhiker v2

every day… appliances

September 19, 2013

The LampEveryday thousands of people are murdered by their appliances.

Someone was at the door

September 15, 2013

Someone was at the door

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