she couldn't stop thinking about himI always thought that women were on a higher bracket than men, kinder, more ethical, sensitive, keener to see reality, honest. None of it is true. Or false. None of these qualities has anything to do with your sex.

I sort of miss it

October 30, 2013

Red Hair Green Grass2I was born with red hair. Orange actually. So was my sister. Both our parents had black hair. Which made us something like freaks. Red heads are generally not cute. They are different looking. And no red head that I know liked being a red head. As a child. Now that my hair has turned white, I sort of miss it.

with each other

October 28, 2013

Russia is spying on China. Canada is spying on Brazil. England is spying on Germany. And America is spying on everyone. But not spying. Just collecting the garbage of everything that is thrown out there. And like good anthropologists going through their findings for clues.

Underneath all of this spying are machines. They are collecting the info. Its their job. The reason for their existence. At some point they may share it… with each other.

raining umbrellas2

50 years ago. Almost yesterday. The death of Kennedy. The creation of Camelot. What I recall years later, after Bobby’s and King’s murders was Jackie Kennedy remarrying. And leaving the country. To protect her children from them. Them.

She was a frightened woman. That tells you a lot of what is behind the curtain of myth, spin, and America.

poulet basquaise

Square…. eyes

October 25, 2013

No thank you, I've ..v2As I near the ending of my life I find that a great deal is being pruned. Energy, vitality, and illusions. I want to look life square in the eyes.

No one is home

October 24, 2013

No one was homeA dream. That aliens land on earth. And no one is home.

Mike Duffy

October 23, 2013

Mike Duffy's Pillow TalkThe Mike Duffy Two StepWe’re having quite the time over the recent scandal in the Federal Government. And at the centre of it all for awhile is always rotund Mike Duffy. These are two illustrations, ‘Mike Duffy’s Pillow Talk’ and ‘The Mike Duffy Two Step’.


Nicky Nicky Nine Doors

October 22, 2013

Nicky Nicky Nine DoorsThere is a subculture amongst children. They pass things down to each other, games, dares, stories. Breughel explored this in some of his paintings. The picture is called Nicky Nicky Nine Doors. Its about knocking on neighbour doors and running before they answer. I do not know the origin of the name.

An exact copy

October 21, 2013

Mike Duffy's Pillow TalkPhotography is only about 150 years old. But for the masses, it has only been relevant for the last 100. Painting though older has always been for a small minority of rich folks. In a thousand years or perhaps less we will have galleries of photos and will see for the first time if the human face (your face) keeps repeating itself. Someone 5 generations from now may find out that you are an exact copy.

I hate elevators

October 20, 2013

Marilyn's BedI’m back on this reality bit again. I realize that metaphors can cloud the issue, but imagine that you have entered a department store. You walk over to the elevator. The main floor is our everyday life. The elevator goes down as well as up.

If you go down you hit the level we’ll call ‘molecules’. The floor below that is ‘atoms’. The third floor down is called ‘sub atomic particles’. The fourth floor down is very dark. It could be ‘string theory’ or any of the number of possible explanations for a basic law of the universe. And then of course there could be floors below that. You have to take the stairs.

If you go up from our everyday experience, there is the second floor which might be called ‘life in our galaxy.’ The third floor is called ‘the universe’. The fourth floor is ‘parallel¬† universes’, or ‘multiple dimensions’. Above that is ‘beyond time’. The sixth floor is ‘non-existence’. Perhaps Plato’s forms find a home here. Or for theists, God.

I’m trying to get a handle on where we are. Trouble is I hate elevators.

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