a ‘rationalization’ fix

November 11, 2013

I’m sitting in Starbucks. Day after day. This fellow comes in and reads “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. I’ve read parts. I’ve listened to interviews with Ayn Rand. I’ve watch a couple of films based on her work. She is no doubt one of the most  unattractive people I have ever heard interviewed. It is this unattractiveness that has made her career. People think she must be a serious thinker.

Anyway this guy comes into Starbucks everyday. Reads his Rand. Piece by piece. He is only the second person I have met who reads Rand. The first was a very attractive woman in her 40s who swore that Rand was our Plato. She was starting a new business and Rand was her inspiration. The guy who came into Starbucks every day and read was an actor, trying to get discovered. He was also in his 40s. I think Rand’s philosophy (Nietzsche gone rancid) suits those who are desperate and need a ‘rationalization’ fix.

I’m sure Rand is very popular with the ‘tea party’ clan.


Mike Duffy Two Step

November 6, 2013

The Mike Duffy Two StepOne of the most interesting characters in recent Canadian history. Right up there with Rob Ford except he’s more articulate.


Ted Cruz is a Canadian

November 6, 2013

The Killer's WeddingAnd we’re not particularly proud of it.

Cruz birth certificate

Mayor ‘crack’ Ford

November 2, 2013

Temple on the mountThe political situation in Toronto and the Mayor’s hold of a large segment of support in the city leads to only one conclusion. Torontonians are the stupidest citizens in the country.

with each other

October 28, 2013

Russia is spying on China. Canada is spying on Brazil. England is spying on Germany. And America is spying on everyone. But not spying. Just collecting the garbage of everything that is thrown out there. And like good anthropologists going through their findings for clues.

Underneath all of this spying are machines. They are collecting the info. Its their job. The reason for their existence. At some point they may share it… with each other.

raining umbrellas2

50 years ago. Almost yesterday. The death of Kennedy. The creation of Camelot. What I recall years later, after Bobby’s and King’s murders was Jackie Kennedy remarrying. And leaving the country. To protect her children from them. Them.

She was a frightened woman. That tells you a lot of what is behind the curtain of myth, spin, and America.

poulet basquaise

Mike Duffy

October 23, 2013

Mike Duffy's Pillow TalkThe Mike Duffy Two StepWe’re having quite the time over the recent scandal in the Federal Government. And at the centre of it all for awhile is always rotund Mike Duffy. These are two illustrations, ‘Mike Duffy’s Pillow Talk’ and ‘The Mike Duffy Two Step’.


The American Right Strikes Back

I think there has been a change in WordPress. I noticed while browsing the ART section for example that the work is much less controversial, and (I must say) less interesting. I don’t know if this is a policy of wordpress or if there are generally much more conservative/conventional artists blogging.

A Ed In The Park


August 15, 2013

Our mayor got drunk at a local street party on the Danforth (the Greek part of town). Reminds me of Jim Morrison. Rob Ford thinks of himself as having that rocknroll star magnetism. Rob Ford is Toronto’s Prometheus.



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