I’m always listening to the political stirrings in the USA. Everyone is shouting. Fox news has made smirking something of a ‘company brand’. Arguments are made and won regardless of the truth. The facts be damned. Now the positions are taken regarding the abortion issue. One side calls the other side ‘murderers’. The other side says that its ‘none of your business’.

I have been against abortion for years. I have also been for a woman’s right to make her own decision. Many people share my position.

The American Right Strikes Back


Ode to Bill O’Reilly

June 29, 2012

Ode to Bill O’Reilly

Its not that dark. Its just the flash. In the camera. You’re not really mired. In confusion. Life is an illusion. The universe is a tree. And we are the fruit. Falling.

There is mortar in the wall. That you are leaning against. You look a little like Marlene Dietrich. In drag. How much would you charge. To fix me.

Someone’s got an empty room. In their mouth. The guy two floors down. Is laughing his head off. At your joke. Bouncing across the floor like a baby.

Its not that late. Its earlier than you think. That’s not the sun going down. Its just the end of the world.

You make me laugh. When you’re looking that sad. Something about it. Makes me feel better all over. I hope you attend my funeral. My friends can be reminded why I have no regrets.

It’s mine. F… off!

September 4, 2011

When you talk to teachers about their teenage students, one of the first things you hear is the word ‘entitlement’. The kids have a sense of their rights and demand them. They also have a sense of entitlement toward a host of other things which they do not have a right.

People should know their rights. And demand them. But I think one of the biggest problems in this society is the ‘privileged’. Somehow they think that their wealth is an entitlement. It was either handed down to them or they earned it. ‘Hands Off!’ Well, no. Everyone has the right to reap the rewards of their labor. But how big that reward should be is the question. This is not a serf society where the rights of the King are handed down from God. The rich are not royalty. In a democracy all of these rewards are negotiable.

Someone told me that everything they earn is their’s. The conditions for most people’s earnings is a stable society. That stability is the result of a contract amongst people. An agreement to act peacefully, to obey the laws, etc. One’s property, wealth can only be maintained by a civil society or by the gun.

No doubt you’ve heard much of this before. But when I turn on Fox News all I hear is “It’s mine. F… off!”


All this furor in England over telephone’s being hacked. By Murdoch and his employees. (Apparently. I said that so I can’t be sued. If they take time to sue me they are in trouble.) But these guys are sleezebags. Not that it hasn’t happened before. There was the Yellow Press of the Hearst Empire. And now we have Fox News in the states. (Not that they’ve hacked into people’s telephone calls. Apparently.) How many men and women have been destroyed by these people? You’d think that common decency could prevail in the world if we all let it. But not with these folks. Not when there is money to be made. Power to be accumulated. And you can always tell these folks. First of all, they drool. (Actually I drool. Everytime I see my wife. But that’s a different story.) And secondly, they are always outraged. They never talk in a calm voice. Hitler liked to scream. To rail against ill fortune. He reminds me of Moe in the Three Stooges. Murdoch doesn’t scream. In public. But I’ll bet when he gets behind doors he’s a real rug eater. At Fox News they are always outraged. Screaming and shouting. When they’re not snickering. (Apparently)… I have to take a rest. Feel like I’ve been doing a little ranting myself. (Nuck nuck)

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