I know that this probably has no significance to anyone. Besides my spelling getting worse. But I’ve noticed in an almost Seinfeld glimpse that there are a lot of sounds in this world. And some of them speaks to us. Like air-conditioners. I was in a grocery store many years ago. I haven’t had to go back since. And I heard a new Bob Dylan song. I love Bob Dylan. So I stopped with my three grocery carts and listened. It was an air conditioner.

Yesterday I heard a low moan in my basement. I thought it might be a small animal in the house. Which had been hurt. Or someone singing “Georgia”. It turned out to be clothes hanging on a wooden pole. Moving with the breeze from an open window.

And then there are creaky gates, squeaky floor boards, springy beds. They are all mimicking us. Like parrots.

If man was eradicated from this planet I am confident that aliens landing would hear us. Listen. We’re everywhere.

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